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The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.
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Nov 11, 2019

We talk to Andrew Helling, founder and editor of Rethority, about why Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor are the three essential platforms for agents.

We discuss:

1. Why market analyses, recipe and funny memes make for effective content.

2. Common mistakes agents make on Facebook.

3. How new agents should use hashtags on Instagram.

4. How Nextdoor content categories can build business.

5. How non-digital marketing tactics can complement digital strategies.

6. Why you should do what people aren't doing!

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Oct 28, 2019

We talk to social media expert and educator Marki Lemons-Ryhal about how to create effective video content to build brands and reach clients.

We discuss:

1. Why agents should create one minute of video content a day.

2. The advantage of vertical video content.

3. When to replace your phone.

4. How to hold your phone when you're taking a selfie or a photo of someone else.

5. The benefits of live video, including engaging audiences and no editing.

6. Why audio is more important than video.

7. How to develop a business plan for your social media strategy.

8. Instagram hashtags: use more for the feed, fewer for stories and IGTV.

9. Snapchat - yes or no?

10. How to maximize the value of your content.

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Marki's podcast Social Selling Made Simple   

Oct 14, 2019

We talk to Zillow alum Jay Thompson, author of the Now Pondering blog about why it's so important for agents to identify and build their brand. 

We discuss:

1. A brand is much more than a logo.

2. The questions you have to ask yourself to help focus on your brand: What are your values? What's your mission statement? What inspired you to get into real estate? What makes you unique? How do you want to come to mind for people? How to you want to communicate your brand?

3. The little personal touches that will separate you from the pack.

4. How to identify a niche or a subject matter expert area.

5. Essential social media platforms for new agents.

6. Common mistakes new agents make with their branding. (Logos that look like a house!)

7. How real estate niches lead to content.

Links mentioned:

Stacie Staub, West + Main

Vanessa Bergmark, Red Oak Realty

Danny Dietl, Brix Real Estate 

Jason Farris,

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Oct 1, 2019

We catch up with returning guest Dustin Brohm, host of the Massive Agent podcast and the co-founder of Industry Syndicate, the real estate industry's first curated media network (and new partner with The Snapshot!). Dustin was the sixth guest on The Snapshot, when we talked to him about Snapchat. This time, we talk about how he has used podcasting to extend his social media platform.

We discuss:

1. How to identify the content that's right for your podcast.

2. How to get your audience's attention.

3. Why it all comes back to good content.

4. Facebook, the reigning king of social media.


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Homesnap Facebook Ads

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Hotel Tonight

Sep 17, 2019

We talk to Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr of BrandFace, LLC about why it's important for agents to identify and develop a niche to reach the right clients.

We discuss:

1. The different types of niches.
2. BrandFace's STAIR method for helping new agents identify their niche.
3. The difference between a niche and a brand identifier.
4. How to tell if you and a client-type are a bad fit.
5. Some success stories from BrandFace clients.
6. How niches lead to content and social media marketing.
7. How to find commonality with potential clients.

Links mentioned:

Tonya and Michael's article about defining a niche in Realtor Magazine



BrandFace Score


Sep 3, 2019

We talk to Sera Alper, founder and CEO of Localite Productions, an agency that helps with content marketing, paid social, video production and influencer marketing, about Instagram and reaching influencers.

We discuss:

1. How to create multilayered campaigns for homes using several platforms, including Instagram.

2. How social media and Instagram have changed buyer expectations.

3. Why content, hashtags, influencer outreach and paid social must work hand in hand.

4. How to start with influencer marketing - identifying influencers and sharing content.

5. Why you should consider working with an agency for influencer marketing.

6. The goals of influencer marketing - selling homes and building brands.

Links mentioned:

Forbes article about Instagram and agents as influencers





Aug 20, 2019

We talk to Leslie Heindel, realtor at Crescent City Living in New Orleans, about her hyperlocal community-focused website, Be New Orleans, and how she uses it to bring in business and develop her brand.

We discuss:

1) How Leslie connects her real estate business to the Be New Orleans site.

2) How Leslie gets people to discover her site.

3) Her sources of new content for her blog.

4) How Leslie measures the ROI of her site.

5) The sources of Leslie's traffic.


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Insight Timer

Marco Polo

Move To Tacoma

Homesnap Pro+

Aug 5, 2019

Ryan Rodenbeck, broker/owner at Spyglass Realty in Austin TX shares his best tips for using Instagram. If you listen to only one podcast episode on Instagram, it should be this one! He is a wealth of information.

You'll learn:

1. How to balance "items of value" with calls to action in your Instagram posts.

2. The "stairstep effect" of hashtags and why you should pick hashtags that you will rank in. Also, national vs. local hashtags.

3. How to develop effective Instagram content.

4. How to look up your Instagram analytics. (You need a business account.)

5. How to use Linktree to post multiple links in your profile.

6. How to grow your following through hashtags and engagement.

7. What an engagement group is and how to use it.

8. How to use Instagram filters and why editing photos is so important. 

Links mentioned:

Ryan's article about Instagram in Inman

Ryan on Instagram

Spyglass Realty on Instagram



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The Agency on Instagram




Jul 18, 2019

We talk to Lauren Goche, realtor at Think Realty in Portland, OR, whose content marketing strategy includes sharing her clients' buying stories and other content that shows her authentic self and builds relationships with people who are the right fit for her.

We discuss:

1. The type of content Lauren shares on Instagram, and why being vulnerable and honest pays off.

2. Lauren's neighborhood guides and how they provide value to clients.

3. Where Lauren draws the line on personal content. ("Share the scab, not the open wound.")

4. Why Portland is a unique market and how that impact Lauren's marketing.

5. The golden rule of marketing: "Market to your sphere how you wish you were marketed to."


Jul 5, 2019

We talk to Peter Schravemade, Strategic Relationship Manager at BoxBrownie, which offers digital retouching services, image enhancement, twilight conversion, virtual staging and other services for real estate agents to showcase their homes, about trends in listing photos and the ethics of enhancing photos.

We discuss:

1) Why quality over quantity is important for listing photos.

2) Where Peter recommends drawing the line, ethically, on enhancing photos, and what needs to be disclosed.

3) Common mistakes agents make with listing photos. (Prepare the property!)

4) Digital renovation - where it's permitted, and how to use those images where it's not permitted on MLS.

5) Trends in digital staging.

6) What consumers want from listing photos.

Peter Schravemade Instagram


Jun 21, 2019

We welcome back real estate social marketing expert Katie Lance to the Snapshot to talk about what has changed -and what hasn't - since she was last on the show back in 2016. Also, Katie has a new podcast, The Katie Lance Podcast, which everyone should listen to!

We discuss:

1. What is still important in social media: being social! 
2. How important creating unique, valuable content is for engaging audiences.
3. Social media is still a long game.
4. Trends in consumer home search.
5. Repurposing content across platforms (but not scheduling it all at the same time!).


Links mentioned:

Katie's podcast

Known by Mark Schaefer


Meet Edgar









Jun 10, 2019

We talk to Sarah Layton, a real estate content marketing expert, about how to craft content that brings in the clients you want. 

We discuss:

1. What content marketing means today.
2. Why Amazon is a Trojan horse and how to incorporate Alexa into your digital marketing.
3. Why real estate lends itself so well to content marketing.
4. How content can serve as a stream of revenue (and an exit strategy).
5. What you should outsource - and what you shouldn't.
6. Why agents should have their own website.
7. How to match your content to the audience you want to reach.

May 23, 2019

We talk to Ross Seligman, principal broker at Living Room Realty in Portland OR, who developed his own CRM system called Sphere that does exactly what he needs it to do.

We discuss:

1. How Seligman decided to create a CRM system that would let him grow his business while maintaining his lifestyle.

2. How saving a few minutes a day on key tasks makes a big difference.

3. Seligman's plans for expanding Sphere to other markets, and the source of most of his referrals.

4. How Seligman based Sphere's functionality by looking at best practices of other agents.

5. Which type of agent will benefit from Sphere, and which won't.




May 13, 2019

Homesnap chats with Lee Davenport, real estate trainer and educator from Learn With Lee, about some basic guidelines to keep in mind while sharing content on social media, including a deep dive on Instagram Stories.

We discuss:

1) What agents should be sharing on Instagram Stories (and why they should also be cautious on that platform). 

2) How to tell a story about any house.

3) How to use Instagram Polls to generate engagement and leads.

4) What Facebook chatbots are and why they are underutilized by agents.

5) The benefit of adding a call to action to everything you post.

6) Why consistency is key.


Apr 30, 2019

We chat with Katie Busk and Josh Kahn of Coldwell Banker Premier Group in Eureka, MO about why they changed their Facebook strategy to focus on community-focused content, and how that has helped build their brand.

Topics discussed:

1. How Katie and Josh changed their content focus from their own business to the city of Eureka, MO.

2. How they partnered with the city to become the unofficial source of information.

3. The time commitment needed to maintain a community-focused Facebook page.

4. Why they focus on Facebook vs other platforms.

5. How the Facebook page leads to real estate clients.

Links mentioned:

Eureka Community Facebook Page


Apr 16, 2019

We chat with Brian Persons, a home inspector with Front Range Home Inspections in Greeley, CO about using drones for marketing and home inspections.  

We discuss:

1. Why drones are an agent's secret weapon.

2. What drones offer that traditional aerial photography does not.

3. Safety issues around drones.

4. The benefits of using drones for home inspections.

5. What an infrared thermal camera can tell you about the condition of a house.

6. How to get started with drones.

7. How Brian markets his services to agents.


Apr 2, 2019

We talk to Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates in Beverly Estate - the Rock and Roll Realtor - about authenticity in real estate marketing, Instagram, and getting the most out of your content.

We discuss:

1. How being true to his personality - and speaking honestly to his clients - worked for Peter and led him to his client base and his own brokerage.

2. Why Instagram fits the real estate industry so perfectly.

3. Whether agents should have a personal and a professional Instagram account, or just one. 

4. Peter's hashtag strategy.

5. Why you shouldn't post for the competition - post what you're passionate about.

6. Geotags (which you should be using).

7. Why Peter bailed on Snapchat.

8. Syndication to other platforms - yes or no?

Links mentioned:

Jessie Driftwood Instagram

Josh Altman Instagram

Agent 2021


Mar 18, 2019

We welcome Marguerite (Giguere) Martin - our first guest ever - back to the podcast for our 100th episode!

Marguerite still works for Windermere Professional Partners in Tacoma, Washington, but she's on sabbatical and focusing her business on referrals - attracting clients and matchmaking them with other agents.

You'll learn:

1. How Marguerite changed her marketing to attract referral business.

2. Why agents need to up their content game.

3. What people want from local content.

4. How Marguerite's blog fuels her referral business.

5. Which digital marketing tactics Marguerite is using now.

Links mentioned:

Move To Tacoma blog

Get What You Want blog 

Mar 5, 2019

We talk to Laurie Weston Davis, CEO/Broker/Principle of Better Homes and Gardens Lifestyle Property Partners in Pinehurst, NC about how she uses visual marketing like 3D home tours as a differentiator in her market.

You'll learn:

1. Why visual marketing is more important today than ever.

2. How much it costs to get started with 3D tours.

3. Which houses are best suited for 3D tours.

4. Why Laura makes 3D tours standard in her listing presentation.

5. Where to share 3D video.

6. How Laurie incorporates other videos into her marketing.


Links mentioned:


A Simple Favor



Feb 19, 2019

We chat with Pat Hiban, the host of the Real Estate Rockstars podcast, about what he's learned about agents and marketing after airing hundreds of shows.

You'll learn:

1. The themes that recur on Pat's shows

2. Why it's so important to FOLLOW UP

3. How to stay top of mind

4. Why retention is such a pain point for brokers

5. How participating in social media actively suggests that you're hungry for business

6. How buyers have changed in recent years

7. How agents must adapt to a new role to deliver value to clients

Links mentioned:


You Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins

Rebus University



Feb 4, 2019

We chat with Jenelle Isaacson of Living Room Realty in Portland, OR about how authentic, inclusive messaging informs her marketing and establishes connections with her audience. Clients are looking to work with real people - they don't just want information gatekeepers - and being yourself will help build those relationships.

Other topics mentioned: Instagram, newsletters, Yelp, local storytelling.


Links mentioned:


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Jan 23, 2019

We chat with Justin Riordan of the Spade And Archer Design Agency about why they offer guaranteed home staging through a commission structure rather than the conventional upfront flat rate.

You'll learn:

1) Why aligning the stager and the seller's interests works well for both parties.

2) Justin's approach to understanding the buyers for each house.

3) The biggest challenge home stagers face.

4) Why the seller isn't Justin's ultimate client - the buyer is.

5) Common seller and agent mistakes in the staging process.

6) What Justin wishes his clients knew before he walked in the door.

7) How agents can help facilitate successful staging experiences for their clients.

8) How Justin markets Spade And Archer.

Links mentioned:

Marco Polo


Parent Vue

Parking Kitty 


Jan 8, 2019

We talk to Jeanne Whipple, owner, and Gemma Schaefer, marketing manager, of the Philly Home Girls (Coldwell Banker Preferred in Philadelphia) about what they are planning to do differently in 2019 in terms of their marketing. The Philly Home Girls have built their brands and brought in clients in an organic, engaged way and they have big plans for this year.

You'll learn:

1. How the Philly Home Girls refreshed their brand messaging based on their audience's interests.

2. How segmenting and prioritizing their audience has made their audience more engaged.

3. Why they push clients beyond social media to in-person engagement

4. Why less DIY/home improvement is a trend for 2019.

5. How the Philly Home Girls get their agents onboard with their marketing philosophy.

6. The technology tools the Philly Home Girls use to be productive.

Links mentioned:


Deep Work

Girl Wash Your Face




Dec 26, 2018

We talk to Chase Nuttall of Nest Seekers LA about the strategic ways he uses Instagram to bring in a specific type of client.

You'll learn:

1. Why you need to be a stalker on Instagram.

2. How to transition from being a follower to closing a sale.

3. Strategies for using hashtags. (Hint: don't use #realestate.)

4. How to make it easy for people to find you.

5. How Chase tailors his content differently to buyers and sellers.

6. How to use Instagram as a business card.

Links mentioned:

Chase on Instagram

TradedLA Instagram

Architectural Digest Instagram

Luxury Listings Instagram

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Dec 12, 2018

We talk to Karin Carr, realtor with Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners and owner of Georgia Coast Homes, about the great success of her YouTube channel, Karin Carr Real Estate, in driving business. She is getting 70% of her CLOSINGS from her YouTube channel!

You'll learn:

1. How a YouTube video helps potential clients get to know you before you've met

2. How people get to real estate content on YouTube

3. The content she covers in her YouTube videos

4. Why YouTube is underutilized by agents

5. How Karin chose a subject matter niche.

6. How to repurpose video content on other platforms.

7. How to convert audience into clients.

8. Why you shouldn't be intimidated by video!

Links mentioned:

Teleprompter Pro

Filmic Pro

Karin's online course YouTube For Agents

($100 coupon code: HOMESNAP)




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